Sunday, September 7, 2008

Todays Painting

I slacked off on the painting yesterday because I couldn't decide what to paint and was tired of painting nekked ladies (GOD FORBID!) so today I mixed it up and did a portrait of Olympic medalist Allyson Felix. During the Olympics I was really pulling for her to beat the Jamaican sprinter in the 200m but alas she got the silver again. Latest news says that those jamaicans might have been juicing. Well duh, did you see how ripped that chick was? I can't give credit to the photographer of the reference because I got it off the web and it looked like it was a Chinese advertisement. I'm sorta proud of it being how the reference was of a pretty low resolution. The painting took about 5-6 hours to do. I tried painting while listening to football. Bad idea. I spent WAY too many times turning my head just to look at the fuzzy reception on my TV with the rabbit ears antenna. Crazy first week huh? Colts lose. Brady maybe out for the season. Chargers play pretty lackluster at the opener and lose. MADNESS!

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