Saturday, September 13, 2008

Quiet...Dignity...and Grace.

How I feel about this painting is alot like that scene in a cheap movie where the protagonist is just about to see his family or friends be horribly killed and he screams in the most cliche way possible "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!". Or maybe its like that part in Young Frankenstein where the Doctor fails to bring the monster to life and falsely shows grace then abruptly beats the monsters chest screaming "I DO NOT WANT TO LIVE!".

Everything was going good on this one. In fact it was moving along rather quickly and then towards the later half I got cocky and put in a odd background which started to screw it up. Then I tried to cover it up with more paint and it only made things worse till you see the monstrosity that is above.

Many apologies to the lovely Mrs. Hubbard for lending me her face for this study and another project that I am currently working on.

Oh well, better luck next time...


Song of the day: I Fought the Law from Bobby Fuller Four

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