Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I would give you the stars above...

Here's last nights painting of the day. Still haven't gotten to todays painting of the day. I think I might finish this one at the end of the day today.

For those listening (which is no one) but if there is I'd like to recommend some art books I just got. They are: John Singer Sargent: The Later Portraits and John Singer Sargent: Figures and Landscapes. They are excellent books whether you are a fan of painting, art or Sargent. They are selling for $75 at Borders but a little under $50 on amazon.

Song of the day: For your love from the Yarbirds


Anonymous said...

Ha! I'm still listening man. I'll check out those books, I was just at the Philly Museum of Art looking at one of his portraits (not one of his better ones...). I'm poor so I don't buy books, instead I use my library for this sort of thing a lot.

They had more Mancini paintings than Sargent's at the PMA. I was just curious are you a fan of his work?

E Palacios said...

Thanks for checkin in Dave. That's one of the advantages being on the east coast for the super cool art museums. Being In San Diego there just isn't much down here. That includes good libraries. I totally understand when it comes to being too poor to buy books. Hence the visits to Borders and libraries but I just got paid so I've been splurging on a few books.

As for Mancini I'm familiar of him but he hasn't been in the forefront of my attention as much as Sargent or Sorolla. Great artist though. Is there a book with good samples of his?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about books on him besides the really valuable thing I found about his paintings was the quality of paint application. In some areas paint is built up nearly half an inch of the canvas. The application is so damn juicy and yet the resulting image is startlingly realistic from a few feet away. I have heard this referred to as low spatial frequency...blah blah blah anyway yeah he's good. I'm a big fan of Cecilia Beaux also. I'm not as familiar with Sorolla. One of my friends has been bringing me books on Russian art which are chock full of phenomenal painters that I've never even heard of. It's downright sick stuff too.

E Palacios said...

I'm not familiar with Cecilia Beaux. I just Googled her, another great one. Google Joaquin Sorolla. And yeah, the iron curtain artists were amazing.
As for my J.C. Leyendecker book its $31.50 at amazon. Thats a little under a tank of gas for a economy car. That's manageable.