Saturday, September 6, 2008

Free Anatomy class

I just remembered that I said in Thursdays post that I'd put up some anatomy studies instead of more pretty ladies. So here they are. I try at least twice a week to make it to my local Borders and do some anatomy studies for an hour or two. First I start with some body studies from Goldfinger or Bridgman and then I snatch up some boxing or mma fight magazines and draw some of the figures from there. When I'm done I put the magazines back on the rack and come back the following day or two to repeat the whole process. Its free and I get do my own little figure study whenever I can. I prefer boxing and mma magazines because you get to see the anatomy in true motion and not just stagnant standing poses. Parts of the body are pinching and moving and you can really get the understanding of what is active and what is inactive during movement. I don't study from bodybuilder magazines because there bodies are too big and unnatural and they try to activate every muscle when they pose which defeats the whole purpose of the study. Plus its really gay.

I actually have a story about that. One day when I was doing my anatomy studies two ladies were buying their coffees at the Borders Cafe. I was doing torsos from the Goldfinger book when I noticed the ladies had taken a notice of me drawing. If you frequent drawing in public like myself you tend to catch this from time to time. In fact only the really old or the really young ever politely come up to me to see what I am drawing. Everyone one else usually sneaks around pretending not to take a peek. Anyway, I noticed the two ladies whispering about me. They were no doubt discussing whether I was a artist or not. Then as soon as their coffees were ready they both picked them up walked to the exit and just as they were leaving they both looked at each other and said as if settling a dispute "gay!" and walked out. I was more humored than offended but I have to admit I was thoroughly burned.

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