Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shadow of Shothragot

Here is some art that I did for Wizards of the Coast or more specifically Dragon Magazine. Go to and look up Shadow of Shothragot: The Price of Survival. There should be a cool story in there with my art along with it. Or you could just look up above this text.

Drawing and Painting the Undead

This is some of artwork that I did for a new "How to" book coming out called "Drawing and Painting the Undead: Create Gruesome Ghouls for Graphic Novels, Computer Games, and Animation from Quarto Publishing. My Friends and Art teachers at the Watts Atelier Erik Gist and Lucas Graciano also have art in the book. Lucas in fact has got one of his pieces for the cover of the UK version of the book. I did some art as well as some contents page design/artwork in the book. Go buy it, it should be a hoot.


World of Darkness Card

Here is one of the cards that I did for White Wolf in there World of Darkness Card Series. They used it for their advertising so I guess its ok to post up.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yet more life drawing!

Hey what do you know it took me less than a day for me to make a new post! Yet another life drawing and this time I did it at the Ubiquitous Bee on Kettner street downtown. The model was Cecelia. I did a long 5 hour figure of her too but that one kinda sucked. This is a 30 minute one I did at the end of the day which I thought was better and worth putting up.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Life Drawing! part due!

Just a few more from life.


Life Drawing!

I haven't updated this thing in a while so here you go. I still have to check with some of my clients to see if I can post any of my new comic or fantasy work so I decided to look through my old newsprint pad and pic some of my more reasonable life drawings. Hopefully in the coming weeks I'll update more with some of my fantasy stuff, life drawings and paintings. Is anybody actually looking at this stuff? Hello?......I didn't think so.