Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Drawing and Painting the Undead

This is some of artwork that I did for a new "How to" book coming out called "Drawing and Painting the Undead: Create Gruesome Ghouls for Graphic Novels, Computer Games, and Animation from Quarto Publishing. My Friends and Art teachers at the Watts Atelier Erik Gist and Lucas Graciano also have art in the book. Lucas in fact has got one of his pieces for the cover of the UK version of the book. I did some art as well as some contents page design/artwork in the book. Go buy it, it should be a hoot.



Anonymous said...

copy of a spanish artist?

E Palacios said...

Nope, these pieces are all me. I'd like to know whom you are referring too. Please send evidence anonymous.

Anonymous said...

see your new comments in a web.

E Palacios said...

Again, I did NOT copy any other artist's work. The above art along with all of my other illustrations are all original and are from my own head. I have NEVER copied another artist's work, period. I assure you you are mistaken.

I hope this isn't some sort of joke because if it is, it is in bad taste.