Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yet more life drawing!

Hey what do you know it took me less than a day for me to make a new post! Yet another life drawing and this time I did it at the Ubiquitous Bee on Kettner street downtown. The model was Cecelia. I did a long 5 hour figure of her too but that one kinda sucked. This is a 30 minute one I did at the end of the day which I thought was better and worth putting up.



Dennis said...

Nice drawing- too bad it doesn't look like her, ,, ,JK. haha

Nice work dude!

Jacqueline Nicolini said...

Don't believe everything you read!!! Efrem...your long drawing was AWESOME!!! POETIC in fact! YOu should post it. Too bad you had to sit next to Dennis ;)

Efrem Palacios said...

Thanks guys, and thanks Jacqueline but I thought there were too many proportional issues in the long pose that I don't think it was worth a post exactly.