Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Champs Dump

The following are concept art and game art that I did for a game called Champs. This is a Chibbet the "cute" race of the game that made. The first one is the ground base character. The second is a Shrubber who was one of the middling characters I think. I build the entire race and rank structure for these guys. I used to joke that we should have ditched all the human characters of the game and made an entire game based off of these guys and we would have been more successful. I still stand by that.
Below are the elven race I helped with. I pretty much did all the female elves along with a few of the male ones. I was given the name of Sun Elves and that was all I was given to concept for them. So I pretty much build their whole lore off of that name. They worship the sun so they should all be tanned skinned. What also resides in the sky with the sun? Well birds can fly... so maybe they have a kinship or worship birds like angels are to heaven? They would make the Phoenix their highest of the mythical great birds since it is made of fire (sun) and immortal. Apollo was a sun god in greek mythology so why not make some of their top warriors archers like Apollo? I also made them a more Matriarchal society with a Amazon feel. Since they admire flight so much some of their high priestesses will learn to levitate like Yogis claim to do at high level of meditation.
Below are some Ghouls that I made.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Valor Dump 2

Here are some of my favorite characters I painted for the Valor game.
Here are some environments I designed.

Valor Dump 1

Below is some art for the game Valor I did a few years ago.
This was from the intro of the game that I storyboarded and wrote. I didn't design the girl but painted her facial expressions. The little fella below I designed and made all the art animations.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Rough sketches and What could have been... (Part 5)

This was a card I did for Wizards of The Coast. I remember the description of a defaced ancient city taken over by a savage people. Their symbol was and eye surrounded by flame. So I figured why not make the flames of the symbol like those cave spit paintings or blood finger painting. At first I made the city more Romanesque but they didn't like it. So I changed it to be more gothic in look.

Rough sketches and What could have been... (Part 4)

From what I remember of this guy VanCleef is he is a hero Pirate who eventually dies. I was supposed to make a scene that would foreshadow his death. I wanted to make something haunting including the Jolly Roger flag. My first sketch I think was nice and creepy but maybe too creepy like he was already dead.
I then went to what eventually would become the final. Here is the pencil thumb to sketch.

Rough sketches and What could have been... (Part 3)

For part 3 I'm going back to Warcraft I did back in 2012. To this day I've never played a game of Warcraft but I knew these guys were important characters so I wanted to treat them a special as I could. I was so excited to get going on these guys that I turned in my roughs of them early when got the sad news that they mistakenly gave me the wrong guys to paint. So now these guys finally get to see the light of day. Who knows maybe it was a good thing that I never made these guys officially. Below are the thumbs and the roughs of these two cards.

Rough sketches and What could have been... (Part 2)

For Part 2 of Rough sketches and What could have been... I want to show one of my old Vampire covers for White Wolf Publishing back in 2008. I believe this was called Immortals and a separate story all together from the World of Darkness Vampire stories and games but to be honest I really don't know.
Above are some of the rough thumbnails that I made for this one. The story I created for this was that a slave girl back in ancient Egypt was madly in love with her master. Along the way she later discovered that she was immortal so years later on the anniversary of 'something' she would return to his tomb and snuggle next to him and reminisce. Think Edgar Allan Poe's poem Annabel Lee only the sexes are reversed with some immortality thrown in. I almost went with the one where the girl was curled up like a little child but that was too submissive. This woman is 2000 years old so she should have the look of someone who's seen and done some things in her long lifetime so I went with this...
I like this comp. The perspective is off which I would have hoped to fix had I taken it to final but it still has a nice look to it. The only problem is it wasn't telling a story as good I wanted so I went back to the original concept.
This is the final. Hopefully the pose and expression is more mysterious so you're more guessing as to whats going on and the modern clothing like her jeans tell the story of her immortality some. I can't really explain the damn panther in the corner. Must be a Fazetta thing I was into back then. Meh, why the hell not.