Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Champs Dump

The following are concept art and game art that I did for a game called Champs. This is a Chibbet the "cute" race of the game that made. The first one is the ground base character. The second is a Shrubber who was one of the middling characters I think. I build the entire race and rank structure for these guys. I used to joke that we should have ditched all the human characters of the game and made an entire game based off of these guys and we would have been more successful. I still stand by that.
Below are the elven race I helped with. I pretty much did all the female elves along with a few of the male ones. I was given the name of Sun Elves and that was all I was given to concept for them. So I pretty much build their whole lore off of that name. They worship the sun so they should all be tanned skinned. What also resides in the sky with the sun? Well birds can fly... so maybe they have a kinship or worship birds like angels are to heaven? They would make the Phoenix their highest of the mythical great birds since it is made of fire (sun) and immortal. Apollo was a sun god in greek mythology so why not make some of their top warriors archers like Apollo? I also made them a more Matriarchal society with a Amazon feel. Since they admire flight so much some of their high priestesses will learn to levitate like Yogis claim to do at high level of meditation.
Below are some Ghouls that I made.

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