Friday, February 10, 2012

The Warriors did it!

In my last post I said I didn't follow comics but that was a lie because I realized that there is one comic I definitely follow every week and that is Skadi the Barbarian at Every Thursday I surf over to dumm comics and read the newest Skadi strip. Katie Rice and Luke Cormican are incredibly talented and funny. I also have a secret crush on Katie. Our children would be attractive and artistically talented because of their mother and most likely get short sightedness from me because I used to wear glasses before I paid a Doctor to shoot lasers into my skull.
This Skadi fan art is my second attempt at being productive with my insomnia so instead of just watching movies till I pass out as usual I did a little oil painting to go along with my evening ritual. In hindsight I should have drawn something up first instead of stumbling into the painting to see what would happen. Skadi's a little too vampy and I couldn't decide on what to do with the background which is too red everywhere. I was watching the movie The Warriors while painting this and was pretty much done with it before it got to the "WARRIORS COME OUT TO PLAY-AY!" part. Everything has to stop once you get to that part of the movie.

Also posted is a drawing my little Nephew made. He's already a fan of Monty Python and he doesn't even know it yet.

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Katie said...

That is beautiful!! You're a really good painter... O___O