Sunday, February 19, 2012

Secret World of Arrietty

Yesterday I went to the zoo and tried doing some watercolors again aaand... well something is lost in translation. Is it possible to make watercolors less girly? Probably, but I sure as hell don't know how to do it.

Speaking of girly, after making these dandy watercolors I went to go see Studio Ghibli's new flick The Secret World of Arrietty and kill whats left of my masculinity. Yes, a grown man with no child or female acquaintance in tow to mask his love for pretty pretty cartoons (flickers eyelashes like a dandy) but boy is this film pretty. Just take a look at the attached picture of the leaves. I'd recommend the film just for the beautifully painted environments alone. The story is not Ghibli's best but probably worth a rent.

Also shown is a photo of a sleeping tiger balancing a ghost water bottle on its hip.


Colleen said...

I like your watercolours! It can be tough to make them deeper and darker, but I just mix more parts paint for water. It also helps to use professional grade paint, not sure what kind you're using.

I hope that helps! :)

E Palacios said...

Thanks Colleen, I think I mentioned it in an earlier post that the watercolors I use are the ones I found in my easel I bought at a second hand store a year ago. I doubt I'll be buying any pro grade watercolors because I suck at watercolors.