Saturday, December 19, 2009

I speak for all mediocrities in the world...I am their champion.

Here are some "studies" I did recently although the definition of study is a pretty loose term. Like most of my paintings if its not going my way after at least an hour or two I give up on it. That was definitely the case with the girl with the horse. I started it weeks ago and abandoned it and by the time I came back to her she was dry as a bone so I just gave up on her. I enjoyed painting the horse though and I think its not too shabby for my first horse. The girl in the red robe is still wet but I probably won't fix her.

Also posted are some zoo sketches. I did the one with the baby gorilla on my birthday. Had the little bastard stood still I might have done a better sketch. Or maybe it was the pain. For some reason I woke up that morning with a really sore neck and only now has the pain sort of gone away. God, is this what turning 32 means? When I was a kid I thought at 32 I'd be living in Hawaii surrounded by beautiful nekked women fighting crime in my red Ferrari. Or is that Magnum PI? Either way my life kinda sucks in comparison. To cope with the sadness I did what all Americans do and bought myself something WAY beyond my cost of living. But I kind of don't regret it. Blu Ray really is the shit. Amadeus the directors cut on Blu Ray is awesome.

Mediocrities everywhere.

I absolve you.

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Anonymous said...

"The girl in the red robe is still wet but I probably won't fix her."

Oh would be such a shame to leave her hanging there, wouldn't it?