Thursday, November 26, 2009

Warcraft, Little Women and the Road

Here are some Warcraft that I did last year that is finally seeing print. I did these back when I was completely ignoring the Warcraft style guide and was just trying do whatever I felt like making so these characters aren't completely to their type. My most current cards are more to the style guide and hopefully better. I have yet to also play the game but I think I have a handle on the universe now. Also, in hindsight I think the girls bust is well...a little too busty. (Blasphemy!) Oh and it seems Blizzard has misspelled my last name again as Palacious instead of Palacios. Whatever.

Also posted are some mini female studies I did last night while watching 30 Rock. I just discovered that show and WOW is it funny plus I think I have serious crush on Tina Fey. I know I'm a little late for jumping on its bandwagon but I don't have cable. Thank science for Netflix. As for the little women studies I've started some larger "real" studies of two of the girls. The one with the horse and the one with red robe. If I don't screw them up I'll post'em up later but I'm not counting on it.

Today I went to see the movie the Road and man, that movie is the feel good comedy of the holiday season! But no seriously, just like the book which I really enjoyed the movie is a big time downer. Its such a downer it almost makes Schindler's List look like Caddyshack. I still recommend it but don't expect to come out of the theater laughing. Unless your a freakin' sociopath that is.

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