Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm the Hip Hopopopotamus, my lyrics are bottomless!

Its something.

little under 2 hours.

Song of the day: Hip Hopopotamus Meets The Rhymenoceros from the Flight of the Conchords


Anonymous said...

That's the good stuff. Two Hours? Really?!

E Palacios said...

Yup, a little under 2 hours because within the time of the painting I made a tuna samitch and took progress pics while making it. Things ran smoothly for once and technically its a cheat since there is no background and its just all flesh tones. Spent most of my time rendering her face and breasts. Tonight's will probably suck harder.

Bogus said...

you, sir, are the bomb. that is some alacritous brushwork. that's right, i made up a word. it means dynamic.