Saturday, February 14, 2009

I wish I was a catfish

Here is something I did for White Wolf a while back. Its in the new book called Shadows in the Dark: Mekhet. I'm not mentioned in the credits but in the online previews its the first piece of art found in the book on page 3.

I haven't painted for myself in forever but.....meh.

Anyone lookin'? (cricket chirp)

I thought so.

Song of the day: Catfish Blues from Jimi Hendrix



Anonymous said...

yup still here.

Bogus said...

I'm lookin'! Wow, I didn't notice the creepy little things about this piece at first. As you look at it you begin to put two and two together. Great job.

Howard said...

That's Frances, who I made up (I wrote most of that book) and given the amount of shit I gave Craig and Russell about the development of that illustration, I am so impressed with your work.

Thanks for helping to make my book look brilliant. Really. Thank you!

E Palacios said...

Thanks for the kind words Howard. You made a very cool character so most of the work was already there. For your next project with White Wolf remind Craig and Russell of me.


Howard said...

I will -- don't you worry. Thanks again!