Thursday, November 20, 2008

She don't talk to me

In celebration of the the new movie Twilight (sarcasm) I have some new art to post that has just seen print. Its actually from a new card set called Vampire the Eternal Struggle from White Wolf Publishing. If you are a fan of the stuff go pick it up.
A special thanks to Jessica for modeling for me as reference for the girls in the cards. Its too bad she turned out to be a nut. She had the makings of being a good model and friend. Oh well...

Song of the day: She Talks To Rainbows from the Ramones.


Anonymous said...

woohoo nice!

Bogus said...

Hey Efrem, thanks for your comment on my blog. Your stuff just gets nicer and nicer looking! I love the slick, professional look it has to it. Very creepy and foreboding too. Great work!

Patrick Ballesteros said...

Looking good my man. Where are all the naked chicks?

Charlotte By Night said...

Congratulations, you won the 2009 Nossies (a VTES fan based award) for Best Artwork in a Library and Crypt Card.

Toxsin said...

Hi there Efrem!

I know you from VTES :) You're my Favourite of the VTES artists. I don't know how often you check these comments But Gem is probably the fines chick of the cardgame and i made a little tribute to you check it out :)

rock on!