Thursday, November 20, 2008

Darkness there, and nothing more.

Funny thing happened to me the other day. It was about 3:30 am and I was about to call it a night after working on a project when I heard something outside my apartment. I live in a closed in apartment complex and it seemed like the sound was coming from inside the building and not outside. Just like Edgar Allan Poe's Raven "I opened my chamber door, and darkness was there and nothing more". I guessed I was hearing things and must have been really sleepy when just as I was about to hit the hay (again) I hear the noise (again). Once again I open my chamber door and in pops not a raven but a tiny little kitten. I then look to see if one of my neighbors left the front or back door open to let this little bugger in and both were closed. How the hell did she get in I wondered? She was too little to throw out into the cold world and it was too early to ask door to door who she belonged to. So she stayed with me for the last two days till one of my neighbors finally said it was theirs to take care of for someone else and misplaced her. Good job at babysitting there neighbor!

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