Sunday, October 26, 2008

My ninja say uhh! That's real gangsta shit!

Here are pieces I did at the bee downtown. I did the painting two weeks ago. I didn't post it back then because I thought it was crappy and I think I'm still right about that but the model Brook said she liked it so.....up it goes. The other is of Cecelia, I hadn't touched charcoal and newsprint for months and it shows BADLY so I'll give myself a Mulligan for its crappyness.

Chargers lose (again)

Song of the day: Datz Real Gangsta Shit from Brotha Lynch Hung


Anonymous said...

Finally, I was going through withdrawal. Ya know how I get when I don't get my medicine....

Just love those drawings man.

E Palacios said...

Thanks Dave, I just finished up some work so hopefully a painting a day should return.