Friday, October 10, 2008

"I'm going to kill myself tomorrow."

Actually no, I'm not going to kill myself tomorrow. The heading above is just inspired by todays song of the day which was in one my favorite movies the Royal Tenenbaums. If you haven't seen it yet (but who hasn't) go rent it now. Another movie I'd like to recommend is a great documentary called Bigger Stronger Faster*. Its starts off as a documentary about steroids but later turns into a observation of the American condition. Not only is it very informative but very entertaining as well. Checkout the delete scenes while you're at it too. Go out and rent this one its really good.

If you haven't noticed there is no painting of the day today. In fact no painting of the day for the last few days. Why? I'm not motivated I guess. I could put up some anatomy studies or sketches as filler but.....meh.

Song of the Day: Needle in the Hay from Elliott Smith

PS. I really am going to kill myself tomorrow.

PPS. Just kidding.

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