Sunday, August 24, 2008


Here is what I've worked on lately. Today at the Bee I did a charcoal study of a very pretty lady in a Paul Gauguin Tahiti theme. I wasn't feeling too tip-top so I only stayed half of the day and did only a three hour study. Its not my best but ....Ok I guess. Here is a painting I did yesterday. The reference was of a photo of one of my teachers sisters that I took probably two years ago. I once did a graphite study of the same girl and screwed up that drawing too. Two years later I think I screwed her up again by elongated her features a tad, aging her a bit and there is some skewing issues going on. Oh well.
I don't have the heart now to scrub it out but I think I'll let it dry and then paint over it later. Actually there is a skull study under her already. Also shown is what I might be doing next.
As for a question that was asked before, yes I usually work from photos. Just before Comic Con I layed down some Fliff to buy myself a brand new fancy printer. It makes some pretty nice photo prints. I needed it for my portfolio plus I had the excuse of my old printer breaking down too so guess I can say I purchased it for work related reasons. Or at least that is the story I'm giving come tax time.

As for the question about my palette here is what I use.

Titanium White (always)
Ivory Black (sometimes)
Cad Yellow Light (usually)
Cad red Light (always)
Permanent Rose (sometimes)
Transparent maroon (always)
Winsor Green (just got it so I don't know if its good)
Yellow Ocher (sometimes)
Burnt Umber (I used to use it all the time but I now find it sometimes poops up a painting...too brown)

Last note- For those who haven't seen the last episode of the Venture Bros GO DO IT NOW!

Go Team Venture!

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