Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Snake Cults, Mummies and Comic Con...oh my!

Here is some stuff that I did for Wizards. Its now in Dragon Magazine #365 Roll vs Roll. You can see it at Special thanks to Lucas for letting me reference him for the mummy's hand and Jessica for being my evil Snake Priestess.

Comic Con was a blast. I went Thursday, Friday and Saturday and got to hustle my portfolio to just about everyone I wanted to and got some amazing feedback from the Pro's. Special thanks to all the Pros I got to visit with at the Con. I'm going to try to apply all of the things you suggested to my work. I only regret on passing up on Sunday. Its not like I was tired or anything I could have gone one more day. I was just too cheap to pay for parking a fourth day and it turned out Greg Manchess demoed Sunday and I missed it! Also I forgot to beg him to see my portfolio and get his impute too. I also forgot to ask Shelly Wan to look at my portfolio as well and she was like 4 feet away from me two days in a row. Dammit!

At least there is a good chance ( I hope) from what I was told from Richard and Mari I should be getting more work from the Wizards people in other forms like their cards soon. (no whammies, no whammies, no whammies!) So I guess: mission accomplished.

On a side note go to and check out that male model looking guy staring at the Rick Barry and Jon Foster Demos at the Con. I stood next to Jon Foster for like 10-15 minutes and he looked at my portfolio! Awesome.



Patrick Ballesteros said...

Congrats man! I'm glad everything turned out well for you!


E Palacios said...

Thanks for hangin' with me here and there at the Con Pat. I don't think I would have gone to some of the cooler stuff had you and Dzu not guided me at times.

Is brown beautiful? I mean UPS is alright but their uniforms aren't the best I've ever seen plus they've made me pickup my own packages twice that THEY were supposed to deliver. I'd say brown is OK. (joke)