Thursday, May 10, 2012

Life Drawing in San Jose.

I haven't painted in oil at all since moving up to Cupertino. I've been just too busy. Usually that is a bullshit statement but I really have been too busy with work and moving and adjusting that I haven't been able to do anything but the essentials. I have done one thing tho and thats returned to Life Drawing. It's something I haven't done since 2009 at Pat's studio in SD. I've been going to San Jose State's life drawing workshops whenever I have openings from work. The pics above are some of my better ones of my 4 or so trips to SJSU. They are mostly all 2's and 5's with one 10 minute page from my first day back. I'm pretty rusty but I'm not as bad as I was expecting. I guess my life drawing muscle hadn't completely atrophied.

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AztcFireFlower said...

i love to see quality and passion show up in studies.
these are very beautiful quick sketches.