Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Go see this movie!

I hesitated to go out and watch this movie opening day due to my poverty and nearly insurmountable pile of art deadlines but today I said F-ck it. I'm an American and Americans spend fliff like sultans and I plan to do my part so hang those who talk of less!

So I went to today's matinee and WOW, just freakin' WOW! Man, did I not waste my money. This movie is a big bowl of Kick-Ass with extra Awesome sauce poured all over it. This movie has practically everything in it. It has Drama, it has comedy and believe it or not it has flawed but interesting characters doing compelling things that actually make you WANT to care for what's going to happen next in the story. It has action, killer robots, gore, copious amounts of violence but with just enough story and social commentary to be neither overtly preachy & pretentious or be a mindless airhead experience. Congratulations to new film director Neil Blomkamp for hitting one right out the park on his first swing. I can't wait to see more great stuff from this director in the future. WOW, just freakin' WOW!

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