Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ol' Jack No.7 actually number 5

It was too hot to sit and work in front of my computer (it was a 100 freakin' degrees!) and I think my xbox is broke so I decided to paint monday. I hadn't oil painted in a while so I wasn't expecting anything good. I wasn't wrong in my assessment. Much to my astonishment and disappointment I couldn't bring myself to paint any nekked ladies. I tried but it just didn't feel right so after about 45 minutes or so I ditched her. I then tried a still life of ol' Jack Skellington again. At first I tried doing him entirely with my palette knife just to maybe mix things up. All that did was make things way too thick and messy and afterward when I tried fixing things up with my brushes it felt like I was trying to write my name in wet cement with a crooked stick. In the end after 3-4 hours I got this. Its ugly but its something. Maybe I should have done laundry instead.


Purdy said...

That skull is fantastic, Efrem!!

Anonymous said...

Yup, gotta agree with that. I dig the skull.