Sunday, June 22, 2008

Watch this Documentary.

This has nothing to do with my art but I just watched a documentary I must insist that everyone go watch. It is Bill Guttentag's and Dan Sturman's:


If you are not familiar with the Rape of Nanking you should definitely watch this film. It is one of the greatest uncommonly known atrocities to humanity of the 20th Century. I have seen a few documentaries about the Rape of Nanking but this documentary was one of the finest I've seen. Some of the other documentaries I've watched relied on the extremely graphic pictures that were taken during the japanese army's destruction and rape of Nanking China. This documentary didn't however and even though it didn't soften the evil and horror of it all it never felt exploitive or biased. The mixture of eye witness accounts read by actors, real film footage and personal stories of the victims are spellbinding.

Please, go watch it.


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