Monday, March 24, 2008

Life Drawing (yet again)

Has anyone ever noticed that the word "coloquial" sounds kinda dirty while "cunnilingus" and "fellatio" sound like characters in a Greek mythology? Maybe its just me.....

Anyway, checkout my new naked people. I've been doing alot less life drawing lately but some of these are what I've done recently along with a few quicks that I did that are of my classmates at Watts I did a while back. These aren't my best but this is a blog after all and I felt I needed to update. I've also been battling with this new newsprint since Seth Cole's newsprint sucks donkey boner now. Yeah, that's right! I'm blaming the materials instead of my own lack of skill! Want to fight about it?! See you behind the school at 3 o'clock! Sucka!

Anyway again, If I thought I had the space to post everything I draw I'd also include my anatomy studies and my sketchbook stuff with drawings of boxers fighting ......and hot naked chicks telling me how cool and awesome I am. Oh wait, did I just type that?


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